A happy and safe festive season

Bonnett’s Electricians are proudly safety experts. Never is there a more special time of year than this festive season to be extra vigilant about our health and safety. 

The festive season is a wonderful time to reconnect with each other and share stories from different job sites and update each other on exciting personal news. During this time, Bonnett’s staff come together to reflect on the year that has been, think about the new year and reconnect. At the moment, we don’t always get to see each other, but Christmas provides the time for the Bonnett’s family to catch up. 

Tips for a Happy Festive Season:
– Check in with yourself. Christmas Day and surrounding events are inevitably stressful. Between shopping for the right gifts, planning and preparing meals and sorting out your social calendar it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Taking a few moments each day to do something just for yourself, will help refocus and aid in stress reduction. 
– Stay Active – a daily family walk will provide you some exercise (hello happy hormones!) and the opportunity to connect with each other in a different environment. Get outdoors (don’t forget to stay hydrated during those super hot Summer days!) and explore your neighbourhood. Going at dusk or dawn to witness the sunset or sunrise is truly magical (and totally Instagrammable!). Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen. Sunburn is no joke! 
– Check in on others. The festive season can stir up memories of lost loved ones and feelings of loneliness. Check in regularly and offer a listening ear. Invite those alone to social functions. 
– Stay organised. We like a list. Start early so that you can annotate and update it regularly. Hopefully it will help Santa avoid a late Christmas Eve dash to the servo for some batteries! 

Tips for a Safe Home:
– Check string lights and wires for any damage
– Keep lights away from flammable material
– When buying new lights – make sure they meet Australian Safety Standards
– Don’t overload power points! 
– Always unplug and turn off lights before heading to bed
– Make sure your smoke alarms are in good working order
– Check you have safety switch installed on your meter box. 
– Where possible, avoid using powerboards and double adaptors. It’s safer to plug straight into the wall. 
– If you’re trimming a real tree this Christmas, be sure to keep it watered regularly to make it less flammable. 
– Be sure to keep an eye out for Product Safety Recalls. The perfect gift needs to be safe and made to Australian standards. 

We hope these tips offer some ideas to help you on your way to a Happy and Safe Christmas.