Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

Prevention is better than a cure

They say with our health that prevention is better than a cure. The same is can be said for our businesses. Wouldn’t you rather identify a problem early, resolve it and move on rather than an oven breaking down right on the start of dinner service? 

At Bonnett’s we offer scheduled regular commercial kitchen maintenance. Our technicians will complete a visual inspection and a brief test of the equipment, allowing them to identify any potential problems, highlight any consumable products that need to be changed over or topped up and do so on the spot if need be. Our technicians develop great relationships with kitchen staff and pride themselves on educating staff on getting the best out of the machines management has spent thousands of dollars on. From kitchen maintenance reports we can schedule repairs or further works at your discretion. Our techs will communicate effectively to management/owners about works that need to happen ASAP, and at your request, provide quotes for the works.

You will receive a comprehensive report on all equipment tested with your invoice. We recommend  kitchen maintenance being undertaken every six months for optimum servicing. Our service manager will be in touch prior to the due date and arrange the best time for your for our team to visit. 

 Call our friendly team today on 5821 9244 to ensure your commercial kitchen is running efficiently. Prevention is always better (and cheaper!) than a cure!