Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones ended last month, but Winter has well and truly set in around the Goulburn Valley. Here are our tips for keeping safe this winter! 

The thought of Winter conjures up images of cosy nights in with a heater, an electric blanket and good book or tv show and a glass of wine, but winter also brings with it a higher risk of electrical fires and additional safety needs. 

We tend to use more electrical appliances during the cooler season, more specifically heaters. These are the biggest culprit of fires. Ensure yours is safe to use prior to use:

  • Read the manufacturer’s manual to ensure proper usage, care, cleaning and storage advice has been followed. 
  • Check cords and plugs for any damage or breakage. 
  • Don’t leave the heater unattended
  • Don’t dry wet clothing directly on the heater – leave at least a 1m gap.

If you didn’t change over your smoke alarm batteries at the end of daylight savings, make sure you get it done now. If you’ve been putting off calling us to repair your hardwired smoke alarm, now is absolutely the time to give us a call on 5821 9244. 

 There is nothing better than walking in the door on a cold and dark night and smell dinner being cooked in a slow cooker – however, this is a fire risk too. To reduce the risk:

  •  Always keep the space surrounding the slow cooker clear
  • Put on a heatproof surface
  • Follow directions and fill it properly. 
  • Cook on low
  • Consider investing in a timer switch to ensure you don’t over cook your meal and it will turn off the slow cooker at the specified time.