Testing & Tagging

As part of the Bonnett’s service, you will receive a full report with your invoice. We are the Testing and Tagging specialists.

What is testing & tagging?

Testing and Tagging is the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances. Our electricians conduct the tests in two parts. Firstly they will conduct a physical inspection to ensure there is no damage to the appliance or cord. Then they will test it electrically with a portable appliance tester. Once successful, the appliance is tagged with a Bonnett’s tag.

Why should you Test and Tag?

The most important reason for testing and tagging is to protect your staff. Testing and tagging aids in minimising the risk of electrical hazard.

What Equipment is Tested and Tagged?

To keep it really simple: any device that has a flexible cable or a removable plug that is above 50v should be tested and tagged regularly.

How often is Equipment Tested and Tagged?

The Australian Standards recommend testing and tagging frequencies. If you would like your equipment tested more often, please make sure you ask our friendly team to schedule it for you.

RCD Testing

What is RCD Testing?

RCD Testing is the process of safely “tripping” an RCD in the switchboard to ensure it operates quickly in the event of an electrical incident. RCDs are designed to “trip” or disconnect power to a particular circuit to prevent electric shock. During RCD testing, times are observed, the quicker it trips, the less impact the electric shock will have on the individual.

How Often Should You Complete RCD Testing?

According to Australian Safety Standards, RCD testing should be completed every 6 months.

Call Bonnett’s today to arrange your RCD Testing and we will provide you with a full report and give you a call to book in your next round of testing when it is due. 

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